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    Pictures on the Wall is jam-packed with hooks, sunny vocal harmonies and smooth bedroom-fi fuzz.”
    Gabriel Jasmin on Pictures on the Wall for Weird Canada

    "…some of the best hooks to come out of the city of Calgary in a long time."
    Paul Lawton on LC/EHG split 7” for Still Single

    "…a ramshackle channeling of 1990s junk-pop."
    Jesse Locke on Wilding for Weird Canada

    "This is a band who sound like they just love playing together, while managing to find, seemingly by happy coincidence, that something extra – pin-sharp melody – in their music."
    Jon Lymer on Wilding for Suitcase Orchestra

    "…sounds at times like Sic Alps if they were from Calgary."
    Rich Kroniess on Wilding for Terminal Boredom

    "Effortlessly appealing pop songs."
    Devin Friesen on LC/EHG split 7” for FFWD Weekly